I received this gem in the mail today (scroll down for my reply)


1 BTC = $17177.71 USD  (via Coinbase)
1 ETH = $1276.89 USD  (via Coinbase)
1 LTC = $76.89 USD  (via Coinbase)
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Dear Cheater & Whore Client

we are the Impact Team. You can google us "Ashley Madison" i am part manager As you may already know,inc.Avid Life Media runs indecent internet portals like Established Men (EM) And Ashley Madison AM.As related to your subscription, We have to inform you what will happen next

inform you!

You need to choose

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The instrument of debt collection contains a deadline set for the implementation of the obligation to pay the debt.If you agree with the claim must contribute funds to the other party to the contract.

The statement of claim to the judicial authorities only upon expiry of the term of fulfillment of obligations,which is prescribed in the claim. After all, the debtor retains the right to change his mind and make money Anytime.If considered a court case will start before that date,the lender may wonder spend energy,time and money.

price calculate give you instruction

Option 1:

We will Match Your Name and Address with Your Profile records,Your Secret Fantasies, ILANSX And Your Conversations And Pictures.Then we will inform your friends,Colleague and family who YOU Are.i know Your Contacts Now,Many thanks to Facebook & Your email Account!

Option 2:

You have an opportunity to regulate this problem.You have to send 0,61 Bitcoins to the Bitcoin address within the next 160 hours.Then we will not Release your data and we will not inform Your Contacts who You Are,

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Here your payment data

Bitcoin address


BTC amount You Must Sent 0.61

Bitcoin to Final This Long Story Code Just Pay! i close case after you pay this deposit i wait your transaction

if i say i man my word i make,but you need load 0.61 btc i accept this case

Time frame: 3 days

You have to make a payment within 4 days of receipt or you know what will happen.After the deadline we can not do anything more for you.Our new portal is coming soon,Everyone will see Your Complete data and we will inform your Family and Many people.This is your last Chance. Our guarantee: if you pay once then you'll never hear from us again. If you ignore us then your nightmare will begin. You can inform authorities but they can't help you. We are porfessionals.Just Pay or your hell begins soon.100{88c91daedd271a990a10650c05d769cae2765e0603edf30ca95f18704e5748e8} guarantee.

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Current price of .61 BTC is about 601 USD,Exchange Rates 1 BTC

You Must Hurry Up so we Are fairly Cheap,Yes at the Moment!

But if you ignore us,we will Ruin Your Life You our target. iMPORTANT

i am NEVER GO OUT [You Need Make Transaction How i Say Read And Load Deposit ] Your Life if you not pay me 0.61 Bitcoin if Final What i Ask You

if the bitcoin is not aid within this days of 17 Feb 2017 then My System will Automatically message all of Your Friends and Family members. You can buy bitcoin using online exchanges easily

We look forward to from you,

The Partner Team

Contact your manager today for more information,email > ashleyadministrator @ protonmail . com

Trade Ltd is regulated by the Central,And Financial Services Commission

The bitcoin address is unique to you.give you chance

its one time deposit,you can pay once

The Impact Manager Team we and i personal wait your payment bitcoin finalization and we leave you alone i swear! i wait your deposit finalization i wait you

My answer:

Dear impact Teammanager,

That is some scary stuff in your email. A lot of spelling errors and grammar mistakes. It looks like you either have not managed to finish school, suffered some terrible left hemispherical damage or just miss the necessary skill to write a decent email.

I can help you with that.

Send 1.22 ₿ to 1ER1RXn8v5ao7nt4EPRH7oL328m9poocrS

I will rewrite your email and greatly improve the result of your phishing expedition.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

My name.

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Crypto Coins News - Ratings - Reviews

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1 BTC = $17177.71 USD  (via Coinbase)
1 ETH = $1276.89 USD  (via Coinbase)
1 LTC = $76.89 USD  (via Coinbase)
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